joshfrogg (joshfrogg) wrote,

Working on myself...

I find the every so often in my own yearly cycle of things, I come to a point where things must change. Somehow, it doesn't even matter how but I get bored with things and need something crazy to happen. Usually we move to a different apartment or, I dunno, across the country. :P

So we've been talking about moving closer to the city, buying a house, changing jobs, all kinds of things to provide some kind of stimulus to the monotony that has overcome our current situation. Granted, I love being in SoCal, surfing is wonderful, and we're building our own business on the side. So things are going well in most regards.

However, since I seem to be innately solar in my atunement to the world, I move on pretty solid yearly (and daily) cycles. This time of year I start to come alive and really work on myself. I've been spending more time in meditation and reading (as opposed to video games and whatnot), as well as starting to drum up some creative ideas for film and writing. And, of course, I've been paying closer attention to my health and diet.

All in all, I feel restless but I'm starting to work on the little things in my life to improve myself and that's ultimately a good thing. :)

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