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Ah, some progress....

So I finally have a finished and perfected DVD copy of Sins of the Father completed and ready to send out. I feel so bad that it's been this long and my actors are wondering if I died or something.

But YAY I have DVDs to send to my cast/crew and to other unsuspecting movie watchers.

In surf-related news, I'm getting so much better at my game! I'm turning into and out of waves much better and was able to hang-five today! WOOT! I'm determined to hang ten! (For those non-pacific-coasters, "hanging five" is having five toes off the front of the board's nose and "hanging ten" is, you guessed it, all ten. It's soooo cool to watch -- someone is basically perched on the edge of the board with the wave propelling them along, it's like walking on water. So cool...

I found out that 24 Hour Fitness, where a friend goes, has month to month plans. I'm considering this since I would really like to get back into lifting. I'm on about 2 straight weeks now of either surfing (good excercise - cardio AND arm work) or, if I don't surf, push-ups and crunches and that kind of stuff. Anyway, the gym is a possibility but I'm pretty busy so who knows. Either way, I'll be checking it out as a "guest" with West soon. We'll see. There's a cool boxing gym too that would be a hella-crazy workout!

Well, that's all. Back to my superhero cave...

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