joshfrogg (joshfrogg) wrote,

Wicked Storm swell!

So we got some crazy swell from a tropical storm out at sea. The sky was grey and gruesome, and the wind was biting. But more importantly... the surf was wicked!

Storm swell is really choppy and hard to navigate, but there were some overhead breaks which aren't too common on this part of the coast.

Anyway, my friend Allen and I went out to get some of mother nature's fury! :) I have a little slide show here of pics Allen's girlfriend Jeanette took.

You can see how choppy and gnarly the water is from all the foam and white water. It was intense!

It's so ... spiritual to be out on the ocean when it's that volatile. Wonderful. :)

I'll try to get some pics of sunny days to show you. We're going to head south one day this week to La Jolla or Del Mar where the water is super blue.


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