joshfrogg (joshfrogg) wrote,

Behold the prophet...

I was telling both my surfing buddies just two days ago that, for some reason, I've been suddenly having these dreams about sharks. I had, on a couple occassions just this week, dreamed of sharks in the water, one in which I was attacked.

Creepy. Especially since I'm telling them this as we're floating on our boards past the break at sunset...

So today I get up and hear some interesting and eerie news.

Despite the fact that sharks are extremely rare in the San Diego area, especially Great Whites which frequent colder waters, a 66 year old man was attacked and killed off the coast of Solana Beach (about 15 miles south of Oceanside where we live) at about 7am this morning by what they think was a Great White.

He was swimming a good 150 yards off shore (that's F-ing far out there, by the way, way past the surf break...crazy old fart), practicing for a triatholon with some friends when this beast of a fish burst up from beneath him and nearly tore off his legs. Most of the experts agree that the shark mistook him for a seal (some were found in the area) since great whites never attack something unless they intend to eat it. And they don't have a taste for humans. In fact, they say it was possibly due to the murkiness of the water (see previous post about poo) and that this may have thrown off the shark's senses.


Pretty crazy considering there hasn't been a shark attack in the San Diego area since 1994. It's such a freak thing so people aren't worried. These types of sharks only pass through our area on their migration route.

None the less, they closed all the beaches south of us (not ours) for 72 hours and the Coast Guard has been looking for the ugly thing.

So crazy.

I'm not scared out of the water or anything, though I might give it a few days before I trudge back out past the break.

I guess the most important thing to garner from this experience is that if I dream of bear attacks, I won't be planning a camping trip.

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