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A little surf in the poo water...

Rain in southern california doesn't just bum me out because, well... it's SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Damnit! I want my sunshine! But it has another side effect that I'm none too fond of...


Lots of it.

Most of it Mexican.

That's right, whenever it rains anywhere along the coast, all the gross nasties that lay in city gutters and pipelines all get on the bandwagon and go vacationing in the ocean. Mexico, just about 75 miles south of us, is infamous for bad piping and all of their sewage goes coastal whenever there's enough water moving it along. Of course, our own crud goes into the water too, we just try to hide it better.

So anyway, the water has been great lately. Until today. It was pretty gross. Not as bad as when we were getting all the storms in February but definitely noticable in its brown, yucky, poopiness. I didn't stay in it for long...


But it will clear up soon, even throughout the day with the sun beating down on the little poopicles (that's short for "poop particles" if you were wondering) and killing them off.

Anyway, in the meantime, I've taken a few good pics lately. I'd post them, but I can't figure out how... :(

Ah, LJ you mystery...

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