joshfrogg (joshfrogg) wrote,

Out of Bag Space...

Of all the ways I wish life was more like World of Warcraft, I think I'd most like to see the realization of "trash vendors".

In the game, every bit of junk you pilfer off your enemy's carcass can be sold to a vendor in the city. So simple. So wonderful.

So I kill an evil mountain lion, loot his spleen and an old pair of pants and I merrily cart them off to the local bread merchant who happily pays me 12 copper for the spleen and 21 silver for the pants. Can no one see the Divine nature of this exchange?

Why oh why won't the local Walmart buy back the unused pieces of my entertainment center or the computer wires that no longer find use with my new system? There's at least SOME value in everything isn't there?

Granted, I don't know exactly what Walmart would do with a broken broom handle but I'd happily take ten cents for it. If I could cash in ALL my old junk, I might have enough for some NEW junk!

Blizzard, why aren't you God?

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