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Working on myself...

I find the every so often in my own yearly cycle of things, I come to a point where things must change. Somehow, it doesn't even matter how but I get bored with things and need something crazy to happen. Usually we move to a different apartment or, I dunno, across the country. :P

So we've been talking about moving closer to the city, buying a house, changing jobs, all kinds of things to provide some kind of stimulus to the monotony that has overcome our current situation. Granted, I love being in SoCal, surfing is wonderful, and we're building our own business on the side. So things are going well in most regards.

However, since I seem to be innately solar in my atunement to the world, I move on pretty solid yearly (and daily) cycles. This time of year I start to come alive and really work on myself. I've been spending more time in meditation and reading (as opposed to video games and whatnot), as well as starting to drum up some creative ideas for film and writing. And, of course, I've been paying closer attention to my health and diet.

All in all, I feel restless but I'm starting to work on the little things in my life to improve myself and that's ultimately a good thing. :)
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Ah, some progress....

So I finally have a finished and perfected DVD copy of Sins of the Father completed and ready to send out. I feel so bad that it's been this long and my actors are wondering if I died or something.

But YAY I have DVDs to send to my cast/crew and to other unsuspecting movie watchers.

In surf-related news, I'm getting so much better at my game! I'm turning into and out of waves much better and was able to hang-five today! WOOT! I'm determined to hang ten! (For those non-pacific-coasters, "hanging five" is having five toes off the front of the board's nose and "hanging ten" is, you guessed it, all ten. It's soooo cool to watch -- someone is basically perched on the edge of the board with the wave propelling them along, it's like walking on water. So cool...

I found out that 24 Hour Fitness, where a friend goes, has month to month plans. I'm considering this since I would really like to get back into lifting. I'm on about 2 straight weeks now of either surfing (good excercise - cardio AND arm work) or, if I don't surf, push-ups and crunches and that kind of stuff. Anyway, the gym is a possibility but I'm pretty busy so who knows. Either way, I'll be checking it out as a "guest" with West soon. We'll see. There's a cool boxing gym too that would be a hella-crazy workout!

Well, that's all. Back to my superhero cave...
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mwa ha ha - finally!

This cracks me up. What a team!

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This Fun Quiz created by Shannon at BlogQuiz.Net
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Internet in Jeapordy

Since I love to pull the rug out from beneath big business corruption, I thought you should all know the danger your internet is in. :)

Just want to spread the word for causes I support. Take a look at the summation of this Congressional battle and see for yourself how important it is to "save the internet" right now. :)

Save the Internet: Click here
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Say goodbye to Vitamins...

Okay so I've been doing some research lately and didn't want to sound any alarms until I felt sure of this. But I'm a little afraid.

Anyone ever heard of Codex Alimentarius?

Probably not. But you should. You're eating it. :) Firstly it's latin for "food rules". It's a UN Commission started by the WHO (World Health Org) in the 60s with the purpose of protecting consumers in regards to food and food-trade standards.

Since then, however, the commission has become heavily dependent on and caters to pharmaceutical lobbyists and special interest groups in the drug world. Okay, so what?

The CAC (Codex Alimentarius Commission) has revised its policies in a really gruesome way and, upon final ratification, will go into full effect December 31, 2009. When this happens, the following will take place thanks to the mandates of the Codex.

** First and foremost, the principle law of the codex (keep in mind this is an internationally recognized set of regulations) will revert the trade allowances to a "napoleonic code". This is the opposite of our own "common law" form of legislation. Common law states that if it isn't illegal, it's allowed. Napoleonic law is the opposite. If it isn't legalized officially, you can't do it. So, if ingrediants or chemicles are not permitted by CAC, they're illegal.

The CAC will implement the following (this is a nutshell and only a few):

- Identifies antioxidants and other nutrients as "toxins" which must be highly regulated. Yes... toxins. Toxins sadly...won't be permitted by CAC. Therefore illegal. That's right. Useful nutrients will be illegal.

- Mandates the increased use of pesticides and harmful sprays on any and all crops that plan to sell their food to consumers. That's all our food, unless you grow your own. Farmers are FORCED to use pesticides. (This is marketed by CAC as "consumer protection".)

- Facilitates and mandates food irradiation. Basically allow and encourage foods being zapped with various x rays and radiation to kill any living organism inside. This includes important enzymes that contribute to vital bodily functions.

- Allows the sale of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our food. Little nasties that cause disease and poison. This is allowed through some more insidious practices. (Ex: GMOs are air-born and cross into crops which keep the GMOs in the soil.)

Now... that's all scary and ridiculous, right? How would our FDA allow such an absurd code to go into effect. Funny because it's already in the works.

In 1995, the FDA declared a provision to the national food code that we, as a free trade nation, must and will abide by any International standards above our own. Guess what... CAC is a UN commissoin and thus an "international set of standards".

To top it off, any country is allowed to show sufficient scientific evidence to the contrary of CAC regulations and institute their own. Ok, so if we know better, we do it our own way. Except CAC rules international trade on food. If you don't comply appropriately, you get heavy trade bars and your economy plummets.

SOO... not to be a huge whistle-blower-freak-out-conspiracy dude but WTF??

Like I said, I've been looking into this for a while to make sure I'm reading this correctly but it's all there in black and white. I have some links for your own research but I emplore my dear friends to look into this. It's one piece of a startling puzzle going on right now.

We definitely need to stand up for our nutritional rights. Pharmaceutical companies and medical industries stand to profit nicely from a lack of antioxidants and various vitamins in our diets. Means a lot of illness. How corrupt and ridiculous!

Let's get some discussion going here.

(There are more links but the ones below will link you to all sorts of other resources.)

Official page:

NGO that is rallying against it:

An article from England on the restrictions on supplements:

wikipedia article (offers some good links)

"The Health Movement Against Codex Alimentarius" - article from Dr. Rath's website:
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Wicked Storm swell!

So we got some crazy swell from a tropical storm out at sea. The sky was grey and gruesome, and the wind was biting. But more importantly... the surf was wicked!

Storm swell is really choppy and hard to navigate, but there were some overhead breaks which aren't too common on this part of the coast.

Anyway, my friend Allen and I went out to get some of mother nature's fury! :) I have a little slide show here of pics Allen's girlfriend Jeanette took.

You can see how choppy and gnarly the water is from all the foam and white water. It was intense!

It's so ... spiritual to be out on the ocean when it's that volatile. Wonderful. :)

I'll try to get some pics of sunny days to show you. We're going to head south one day this week to La Jolla or Del Mar where the water is super blue.

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Behold the prophet...

I was telling both my surfing buddies just two days ago that, for some reason, I've been suddenly having these dreams about sharks. I had, on a couple occassions just this week, dreamed of sharks in the water, one in which I was attacked.

Creepy. Especially since I'm telling them this as we're floating on our boards past the break at sunset...

So today I get up and hear some interesting and eerie news.

Despite the fact that sharks are extremely rare in the San Diego area, especially Great Whites which frequent colder waters, a 66 year old man was attacked and killed off the coast of Solana Beach (about 15 miles south of Oceanside where we live) at about 7am this morning by what they think was a Great White.

He was swimming a good 150 yards off shore (that's F-ing far out there, by the way, way past the surf break...crazy old fart), practicing for a triatholon with some friends when this beast of a fish burst up from beneath him and nearly tore off his legs. Most of the experts agree that the shark mistook him for a seal (some were found in the area) since great whites never attack something unless they intend to eat it. And they don't have a taste for humans. In fact, they say it was possibly due to the murkiness of the water (see previous post about poo) and that this may have thrown off the shark's senses.


Pretty crazy considering there hasn't been a shark attack in the San Diego area since 1994. It's such a freak thing so people aren't worried. These types of sharks only pass through our area on their migration route.

None the less, they closed all the beaches south of us (not ours) for 72 hours and the Coast Guard has been looking for the ugly thing.

So crazy.

I'm not scared out of the water or anything, though I might give it a few days before I trudge back out past the break.

I guess the most important thing to garner from this experience is that if I dream of bear attacks, I won't be planning a camping trip.
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But is it breathable?

This is incredibly funny and timely, considering Cynthia and I just finished watching the animated movie SURF'S UP about 20 minutes ago and then I stumble onto this article.

In sum: Biologists at San Francisco Zoo helped out a 25 year old penquin (old fart) who had lost his hind feathers (this is what keeps them warm) and so he couldn't go in the water. They made him a mini wetsuit!!;_ylt=AlMMW.mEzv8oS1JVohPtNAIuQE4F

Too funny!

I want to see that old fool on a surf board!
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A little surf in the poo water...

Rain in southern california doesn't just bum me out because, well... it's SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Damnit! I want my sunshine! But it has another side effect that I'm none too fond of...


Lots of it.

Most of it Mexican.

That's right, whenever it rains anywhere along the coast, all the gross nasties that lay in city gutters and pipelines all get on the bandwagon and go vacationing in the ocean. Mexico, just about 75 miles south of us, is infamous for bad piping and all of their sewage goes coastal whenever there's enough water moving it along. Of course, our own crud goes into the water too, we just try to hide it better.

So anyway, the water has been great lately. Until today. It was pretty gross. Not as bad as when we were getting all the storms in February but definitely noticable in its brown, yucky, poopiness. I didn't stay in it for long...


But it will clear up soon, even throughout the day with the sun beating down on the little poopicles (that's short for "poop particles" if you were wondering) and killing them off.

Anyway, in the meantime, I've taken a few good pics lately. I'd post them, but I can't figure out how... :(

Ah, LJ you mystery...
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Out of Bag Space...

Of all the ways I wish life was more like World of Warcraft, I think I'd most like to see the realization of "trash vendors".

In the game, every bit of junk you pilfer off your enemy's carcass can be sold to a vendor in the city. So simple. So wonderful.

So I kill an evil mountain lion, loot his spleen and an old pair of pants and I merrily cart them off to the local bread merchant who happily pays me 12 copper for the spleen and 21 silver for the pants. Can no one see the Divine nature of this exchange?

Why oh why won't the local Walmart buy back the unused pieces of my entertainment center or the computer wires that no longer find use with my new system? There's at least SOME value in everything isn't there?

Granted, I don't know exactly what Walmart would do with a broken broom handle but I'd happily take ten cents for it. If I could cash in ALL my old junk, I might have enough for some NEW junk!

Blizzard, why aren't you God?